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By reproducing your favourite works of art in full detail, right down to the structure, relief and precise colours of the original, RELIEVO opens up untold avenues for studying, exhibiting and experiencing art. 

Seeing the work of a great artist live, in person and in all its glorious detail is one of the most uplifting experiences imaginable. But imagine being able to relive that experience wherever and whenever you wish! It is possible, thanks to RELIEVO.

RELIEVO incorporates technology we call reliefography to produce life-size and life-like reproductions of the world’s greatest paintings. Unlike the perfunctory interpretations used to produce conventional replicas, a genuine RELIEVO is the product of a complex, state-of-the-art process of image analysis performed in close collaboration with the owner of the artwork. In order to capture data about the image, relief and colours of the original in never-before-seen detail and create a reproduction displaying never-before-seen fidelity. RELIEVO, in other words, reproduces the perfection of the original, perfectly.

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